Birth chart is the screen shot of planetary position in the universe at the time of birth, this gives the insight of energies someone born with. Analysis of a Birth chart refers to understanding the quantum of active energies in our body. Its like when we buy a car, before hand we try to understand the mechanics, features, engine power etc & take a help of users manual .  Similarly the science to understand our body mechanics and energies is termed as Astrology. 

So understanding Birth chart means getting aware with the energy level we are born with, assisting our self to fine tune the intensity of our energies to smoothen the journey called life. 

 #Our Personal Nature, # Wealth accumulation and  resources, # Quantum of our Efforts, # Promise of property and vehicles, # Primary education, Sports and Passion, # Over all Health ,# Marriage and Partnership,# Major obstacles/ hurdles, # Higher Studies & Fortune, # Career & Fame, # Achievements & fulfillment of desires.

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Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, financial stability, personal health,  your love life, or your family/children etc. I can help you choose the best route. see what I can do for you.

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We strive to pour our all Vedic and professional knowledge to find the best directions with the energy fields aligned & synced with your energies as per Birth chart . We believe as per birth chart, we need to understand which direction is meant for what purpose. Directions are not the hindrance, but these are our planets, which are posited in certain directions and are not comfortable. For example, North-East direction is meant to be most suitable direction for Main entrance or Mandir (place to worship), Jupiter is the ruler for North-East, but if Jupiter is  badly placed or afflicted then North-East direction can bring hurdles, health issues & miseries. Also as a remedies, placement of planetary objects & choosing right set of colors  can enhance overall wellbeing and prosperity. 

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