How Astrology works with Vastu

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Astrology helps to understand energies and there intensity in our body.

Vastu is a science to understand the energies around our habitat.

Welcome to Astro 4 Home. A platform to make your inner energies compatible with universal energies around your dwelling.

"The Earth on which we live is a Planet, our body has a same composition as earth has. Earth is controlled by gravitational actions from other planets in the solar system, and same goes with our body."

Our Nature is the composition of five elements ie. earth, water, fire, air and space, signified by planets. Well balanced five elements signify good health. Each planet has a different energy

and human body as a structure has a impact of these energies . Every human action is influenced by solar energies generated by planetary positions and movements.

Physicality is governed by Sun, Mind by Moon, Energy by Mars, Actions by Saturn, Intellect by Mercury, Desires by Venus and Wisdom by Jupiter. These planets (energies) keep influencing our day to day activities. So if we don't understand our energies, every performed action will become unconscious action.

The same principle is applicable on the place ( Vas Sthan) where we reside, our habitat or dwelling. Each direction has its own energy field. The moment we create the structure, the directions are alloted and energy fields become active.

So when we dwell in a structure called home, office etc, our body comes under the influence of energy fields of the said structure.

These energy fields should compliment our set of body energies. Unbalanced energies can lead to negative impact on our body like change in blood pressure, weavering mind, anxiety, restlessness etc. which in turn hinders our decision making ability.

The present situation we are in, is sparkling or a misery, is the consequence of our decisions.In other words, our sufferings are pure results of our past decisions.Decisions decide future weather are taken consciously or accidently.

There is deep science involved, where we can align our inner energies to get sync with structural energies with the help of given astrological data, to attain health and prosperity.

Get Your Home Astro linked Vastu done today.

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