Mercury says Business Success

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

A well placed Mercury in your birth chart can give you tremendous success in business.


“If Moon is Mind, Mercury is intellect, it is our thinking ability,makes a person calculative .”

Mercury governs 3rd and 6th house as per Kalpurush kundali, it also rules zodiac sign gemini and virgo.

Mercury gives a person a problem solving ability, a strong posited mercury in the first house makes a person very intelligent, he looks for business in every thing, from 1st house mercury aspects 7th house, a house of marriage and partnership, so a person looks for a business opportunity in his/her spouse

Third house represents communication a daily interaction as mercury rules gemini it gives a strong ability to communicate and interaction which is a keen requirement for a business doing person.

Mercury also rules sixth house which represents enemies, daily routine work, obstacles, as mercury gets exalted in virgo, it gives very good logical analytical mind to deal with enemies and obstacles, which again this skill is required for a business success.

Over all mercury in first, second, seventh and tenth house makes a person a businessman with good speaking ability.

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