Know your love life

As a human , apart from success we have physical, emotional or financial needs. To cater these requirement (needs) we look for a relation, in fact we are on a constant search or hunt till we get married and if not satisfied that search remains on and on.

During this process ,we come across people as per our desires and expectations and express ourselves ( our needs) in the form of feelings and emotions which we call love.

If we are successful, a relation is formed. But we need to understand ,the foundation of relation is our expectations, and no person can fulfill our expectations and desires entirely.

We gradually managed to form a union but often remains unsuccessful to maintain, results in separations. Some people end up with too much misery and pain, while some comes out strong and rearrange there relations. This ability to be in misery or come out of it depends upon our physical, emotional and mental energies.

One can understand these energies by studying and analyzing there birth chart.

Physical energy can be seen through our ascendant lord, how well it is placed.

Emotional and mental strength is seen by placement of moon, as moon is the karka of emotions.

How much we will be loved and from where we will fetch it can be seen from the placement of planet Venus, as Venus is a karka for love and romance.

Our prarabhad karma (past life deeds/actions) denote the placement of Venus in our birth chart. Struggle in any field comes when we don't act as per our planetary alignment and dignity.

# for instance when a person is constantly facing problems in relationship or marriage, it is due to his prarabhad karma. His planetary alignment makes him to just think of extracting pleasure and expectations from his partner. He is in constant pursuit of love, care and attention.

In such case if the person understands his Venus, which will not be in a good dignity and starts acting consciously by balancing his physical & emotional energy .His Venus energy will be enhanced, which will help him in becoming more joyful and lovable by himself.

When you start emitting love and pleasantness created within you, naturally people will start seeking love and pleasure inside you.

One can bring happiness in their relationship by altering the energies of their planets.

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